Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fiction Excerpt: No one needs a receipt for a doughnut

Form: Prose (Short Story Excerpt)
Word Count: 107
Concerns: Unusually long sentences. May be convoluted.
On his dresser, Kirk found most of the contents of his overstuffed wallet had been transferred into the new wallet, and the old wallet, and the remainder of its contents, like his wife, had vanished. Evidence that all three had once been there came in the form of a note which read, “Kirk, no one needs a receipt for a doughnut,” the last word underlined three times. He tucked the note into his new wallet, which he placed in his back pocket; put the checkbook, pad and pen in his breast pocket; and strapped the Casio, which, like his alarm clock, read 5:38 a.m., around his wrist.